Find the answers below to - How to order Kangen Machine? How to order Kangen Water Machine?  How to order Kangen Water Ionizer?

How to order Kangen Water Machine

How to order Kangen Water Machine

STEP 1. Kangen Demo

We educate about the Alkaline Kangen Water and the Benefits of the Ionized Alkaline Water. We explain Anti-oxidant, Alkaline and Micro-Clustering properties practically.

STEP 2. Place Order

100% Payment to be done in the name of Enagic India Kangen Water Pvt Ltd. After confirmation, the Tax Invoice and Dispatch code are generated. Check the Kangen Machine price list.

STEP 3. Delivery And Installation

Kangen Water Ionizer is delivered directly to your given address by Enagic India Bengaluru Office. Independent Distributor Installs Kangen Machine within 10 days

STEP 4. Training And Support

After installation, Kangen Dealer provides training and support towards Kangen Water Machine. Also, teach about the Enagic Compensation Business plan.